Everything You Need to Know to Prepare You for Wheelchair Transportation

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare You for Wheelchair Transportation

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare You for Wheelchair Transportation

Are you looking for a reliable wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL?  Do you or your loved ones require a transportation van for their wheelchair during your travels?  Whether you are a resident of the surrounding communities or you are traveling here on your vacation, you want to put your trust in the right hands when it comes to your transportation.  At Empire Caring Transit, we take great care of all our passengers and ensure the proper safety protocols are all met.  There are a few things that you should know to prepare yourself for your trip with us.

We Offer Two Different Types of Ramps

Our fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles offers different ramps that meet a range of purposes for our riders.  These ramps allow wheelchairs to come on and off the vehicle with ease.  There are a few common types of ramps that we offer.

  • In-Floor Ramps - These ramps are electronic or manual, and they are often stored under the floor of the vehicle
  • Foldout Ramps - These ramps are the most popular option, as they are easy to place over the top of curbs and sidewalks.  When the van is in motion, these ramps are stored alongside the side panels of the vehicle.

There Are Two Different Entry Points

When it comes time for you to get into our vehicle, you will have access to two different entry points that can easily accommodate the dimensions of many wheelchairs.  

  • Side Entry - This entry allows passengers to enter on the side of vehicle directly from the curbside.  This minimizes the dangers of oncoming traffic or other roadway hazards.  It also frees up the cargo space in the back of the van, which is great for those traveling with luggage.
  • Rear Entry - This allows wheelchairs to access the vehicle from the back, which is helpful when there is limited space in the parking lot for picking up and dropping off.

We Implement Proper Safety Measures

Our wheelchair-accessible vehicles include safety harnesses that keep our wheelchair passengers safe while in motion.  In case of any emergencies, the harness will protect the passenger by adding restraint.  Seatbelts will also strap the passenger and their wheelchair to the vehicle to stabilize them during the trip.  We also offer different vehicles that can host a number of passengers for those that are travelling in groups.  This way, you won't need to arrange a separate trip for those who don't require wheelchair-accessibility.  

These are just a few things you should know that will prepare you for traveling with our transportation services.  When you are looking for reliable, quality, and unmatched wheelchair transportation services in Plant City, FL, you will want to trust the experienced drivers at Empire Caring Transit.  Contact us to book your reservation today.

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