4 Common Wheelchair Transportation Options.

4 Common Wheelchair Transportation Options.

4 Common Wheelchair Transportation Options.

If you or a loved one have recently received news that you will require a wheelchair to move around, then Empire Caring Transit has you covered. Whether you were born with a disability limiting your mobility or suffering from a medical condition that has caused the need for a wheelchair, you may wonder how to transport your wheelchair in a vehicle safely. Our handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL, empathizes with your needs for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. However, people in need of wheelchair transportation services have a few transportation options.

Using trunk wheelchair storage.

Most wheelchairs can be folded up and will fit in the trunk of a car. People who are aging, losing mobility, or instructed to use a wheelchair temporarily are often able to store their wheelchair in the trunk of a vehicle when traveling. You are likely to be able to fold a wheelchair and fit it into a space that a car provides for luggage. Folding wheelchairs are often compact enough to fit in your trunk and still leave room for other items, too.

Using wheelchair carriers.

For people who have heavier wheelchairs that require lifting, there are many wheelchair carriers available. An automatic wheelchair carrier is operated by flipping a switch to lower a ramp down from the vehicle to drive your wheelchair onto the ramp. Once your wheelchair is loaded, you simply press a button to lift the ramp slowly into the vehicle. Once your wheelchair is lifted, you can drive it in and secure a safe spot within the vehicle. People who cannot get out of their wheelchair for medical or safety reasons find this option most fitting.

Using a mount rack.

If there are space issues that cause you not to be able to store your wheelchair inside your vehicle, you can purchase a wheelchair mount rack. Wheelchair mount racks come in various styles and sizes to match a vehicle's make and model. For example, these racks can suit trucks or cars and range from being manual or automatic.

Using a handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL.

We are here for your transportation needs when you need quality handicap transportation in a pinch. Our transportation service is an excellent option for you if you need access to a vehicle that can transport more passengers than your vehicle will allow, or your car is in the shop for repairs. Our transportation services are also essential for people traveling and cannot bring their vehicle along. You can easily make travel arrangements with our services to provide handicap accessibility.

These are a few of the common ways to transport a wheelchair with you, no matter where you need to go. However, suppose your accessible vehicle is unavailable, or you need a temporary transportation solution while you are on vacation or away from home. In that case, Empire Caring Transit can provide your transportation needs. We offer reliable and professional transportation services to our customers through our quality handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL.

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