A Checklist for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

A Checklist for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

A Checklist for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Are you looking for a safe and reliable vehicle that can transport you and your wheelchair safely?  When it comes time to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you will want to consider all the features that you need in order to safely get from point A to point B.  As a wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, we understand all the features and technology that are required to keep you safe on the road.  When you choose to ride with us, you will not only have a comfortable ride, but you will have a safe and secure ride as well.  Here is a helpful checklist of things that need to be in your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Amount of Passengers

Are you typically alone or with only one other person when you are driving?  Do you have a large family?  When you purchase your vehicle, consider how many people you plan to drive in your vehicle.  If you have a large family, you want to have a seat for everyone.  However, this will also effect the overall cost, as the larger the vehicle, the more expensive it will be.

Driver Requirements

Make sure that your vehicle is equipped for anyone to drive, whether you are capable of driving the car yourself or you will require another driver.  Some people that require wheelchairs can also still drive their own cars, so you want to take into account certain safety protocols if this is the case.  If you drive in your wheelchair, you will also need to make sure that you have a side-entry vehicle.

Entry Point

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can either have rear or side entry points depending on your needs.  You may want to consider a rear-entry point if you are looking to be able to park in any spot, as you can always have access to the back of the vehicle.  However, you will lose cargo space if you choose a rear-entry vehicle.  Side-entry vehicles are great for those looking for more room for passengers.  Parking may become an issue, as you will need space on the side of your vehicle to get in and out easily.

Extra Space

While you need to consider the size of your wheelchair and the clearance needed to transport any necessary equipment, you should also consider any extra space you may need.   This includes cargo space.  Are you planning to drive on many vacations?  Do you want cargo space in the back of your car?  Make these choices before you purchase a vehicle to ensure that you have all the room you need.

These are the items and features that you'll need to have in your wheelchair accessible vehicle in order to stay safe.  If you find yourself in need of a professional wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL until you get your hands on your own vehicle, trust the experts at Empire Caring Transit.  Contact us to book your reservation with us today.


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