What to Understand about Living in a Wheelchair

What to Understand about Living in a Wheelchair

What to Understand about Living in a Wheelchair

Do you ever wonder what challenges people face when they live in a wheelchair?  Are you wondering how to truly help them with their needs?  When it comes to life in a wheelchair, you need to suspend all expectations and assumptions of what you think life would be like.  As a wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, we listen to many of our passengers and have learned about their thoughts, challenges, and lifestyle through these conversations.  These are a few things that we have learned about those who live in a wheelchair.

People will be uncomfortable around you.

This may sound disheartening, but people will feel uncomfortable around you when they do not know what to say or do.  They may not understand your lifestyle, and unfortunately, some people may never want to even try to understand.  One of the good things about this is that you do not have to be their friend.  In fact, it is better to keep these ignorant people out of your life.

You need to clean your wheelchair frequently.

When you spend most of your time sitting in your chair, you will realize how dirty the features will get.  It may have you constantly cleaning the surfaces so that you can prevent any issues or dirt buildup.  When you keep your chair cleaner, you will feel more comfortable each day.

Keeping a backup wheelchair is a good idea.

One of the worst things to happen to those in a wheelchair is for their chair to malfunction – and this happens.  When your wheelchair breaks, it may seem like your entire day, or even week, is ruined.  However, if you keep a backup option in your home, you will not have to worry about getting around or changing your plans when your chair breaks.

Make time to stretch.

Many people may not think about how it is still important for those who live in a wheelchair to take time to stretch their bodies.  However, after staying in the same position for most of the day, it can make your other muscles atrophy.  To keep them engaged, you need to also take the time to stretch every morning and night.  This will reduce muscle tightness, encourage balance in your body, and keep the rest of your body mobile and comfortable.

Prioritize comfort when choosing your wheelchairs.

When you are sitting in a wheelchair all day long, you will quickly realize how important comfort is.  It will become the most important aspect of choosing the right wheelchair.  When looking for new wheelchairs, you should always test the seat to ensure that it is comfortable and provides the right amount of support.  

These are a few facts to understand about those who live in a wheelchair.  When you jump to conclusions about those who require a wheelchair to get around, you may miss out on some important information about their identify, personality, and characteristics.  As a wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, we are here to listen to your challenges and help you.  Contact us to schedule your transportation today.

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