5 Adapted Sports for Wheelchair Users

5 Adapted Sports for Wheelchair Users

5 Adapted Sports for Wheelchair Users

Taking part in sporting activities is good for your physical and mental health, regardless of having a physical disability that limits your mobility. Fortunately, most sports make few changes to their rules to modify them for adapted play. However, to enjoy adapted sports properly, you need special equipment designed to help you practice sports with minimal limitations.

Today there is a wide variety of sports equipment and wheelchairs designed specifically for the sport you want to be involved in. This makes it essential to determine the sport you want to practice, so you can find the right equipment and chair model to give you the best level of performance off and on the track. Experts from our handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL, offer the following adapted sports you might enjoy getting involved with:


If you are interested in expressing yourself and exercising simultaneously, then adapted dance is right for you! It has shown so much success that it already has its own rules and regulations. There is a wide range of dance styles available, so it should not be difficult to find one you enjoy. You can choose from many genres, including Cha-Cha, Waltz, Tango, or something even more physical like Zumba. In addition, dance is a sociable and fun sport to be involved in year-round at various fun locations.


There are two categories of adapted hockey, one in an electric wheelchair and another in a manual wheelchair. The sport is also played with two options of sticks: the traditional hockey stick and a T-stick, which has plastic blades located in the front of your chair. This allows people with different levels of disability an opportunity to be involved, making it one of the more integrated adapted sports.


In 1960, adapted fencing was named a Paralympic sport. It requires the same general conditions as its traditional counterpart: style, technique, and precision. The wheelchair is anchored to the floor, allowing for more freedom of movement with your arms. It is one of the more interesting adapted sports, particularly if you want to develop your reflexes and agility.

Wheelchair rugby

This sport was initially designed for quadriplegic players. However, adapted rugby has a long tradition in many areas globally. Visit the English Federation of Disability Sports webpage for more information about wheelchair rugby.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball is a very popular adapted sport, with competitions and leagues across the globe. It requires a remarkable effort because court dimensions and basket height are the same as the traditional version. Adapted wheelchairs can have four or five wheels: two large wheels located in the rear, two smaller ones found in the front, and typically a fifth anti-roll wheel in the back. It encourages social relationships and companionship because it is a team sport. Due to its massive growth, you can find associations and clubs at various levels in different categories.

These are just a portion of the adapted sports available for play by wheelchair users. Contact us today to learn more about our handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL. We are here to help you get where you need to go!

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