5 Healthy Living Tips for Wheelchair Users

5 Healthy Living Tips for Wheelchair Users

Even if you have limited mobility and are confined to wheelchair travel, you deserve to be healthy just like anyone else. Healthy living requires commitment and effort, but the results are worth your time. Our experts on handicap transportation Service in Plant City, FL, offer the following healthy living tips for wheelchair users:

Keep a water bottle and energy drinks on hand

Whether you use a wheelchair or not, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Optimal hydration allows smooth muscle movement, keeps your energy levels up, and supports your organ functions. In addition, when you are exposed to extreme heat, hydration will protect you from heatstroke and help keep your body cool through perspiration. Energy drinks replace the electrolytes you lose through sweating and should never be used as a water replacement. Keeping a water bottle with you is essential because most water fountains were not designed with wheelchair users in mind. Even custom water bottles are available as wheelchair accessories, so you never leave the house without hydration handy.

Avoid alcohol use

Alcohol is not good for anyone’s body or mind, but it can be particularly concerning for wheelchair users. Alcohol is a depressant known for causing chronic mental and physical health issues. Wheelchair users cannot afford to risk their cardiovascular and liver health or risk developing diseases like type 2 diabetes or cancer. Losing balance is often one of the first things that happen when using alcohol, and wheelchair users require balance for safe transfers in and out of their chairs. In addition, wheelchair users can be charged with a DUI in a power chair or scooter, so don’t risk the loss of your transportation or the embarrassment and expense of the legal repercussions.

Shower regularly and have good hygiene

Even when taking a shower from a wheelchair is a challenge, cleanliness supports your mental, social, and physical well-being. There are barrier-free roll-in showers and shower safety aids to make the process easier and more convenient. Staying clean will help you maintain optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, so don’t take it for granted.

Light exercise

Many wheelchair users struggle with lower body fitness, but it is critical to maintain your remaining muscle tone. Most upper body exercises are easy because you build upper body strength by pushing yourself in your chair. Finding a good wheelchair fitness program in your area will keep you fit and help you meet new people. There are also videos online to help you stay healthy. No matter what you choose, never ignore the value of regular exercise for your physical and mental health.

Don’t sleep in your chair

Most wheelchair users have fallen asleep in their chairs and regretted it. It is easy to drop from your chair and is not suitable for your posture. Your neck will be achy when you wake up, and you will probably be pretty grumpy. Get into your comfy bed when it is time to sleep so you are energized and refreshed for facing your day.

Use these tips for healthy living as a wheelchair user. And when you need a handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL, call us first. Our experience and expertise allow us to focus on comfort and customer service with every ride you take. We want to take you everywhere you need to go!

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