5 Tips for Customizing Your Wheelchair

5 Tips for Customizing Your Wheelchair

If you have limited mobility, you depend on your wheelchair to get you around town and maneuver in your home. It goes everywhere you go, so it never hurts to add a little bit of your personality and style to your primary mode of transportation to help express your creativity. Our experts on wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, recommend these tips for customizing your chair:

A new paint job

You can make an older chair look like a new one and add some color to your wheels with a fresh paint job. Many wheelchair manufacturers offer various patterns and paint jobs, and powder coating or paint shops can add details to your chair that keeps you riding in style. Consider painting your chair your favorite color or adding a custom paint job to represent your favorite comic book character. Your imagination really only limits the possibilities.

New upholstery

Updating your chair’s upholstery is a great way to make it more representative of you and your personality and style. Some designers offer fashion upholstery styles that you can purchase to fit your chair. You can personalize your calf straps, cushion covers, and backrest slipcovers can be personalized to make your chair unique. You can even make your backrest match your dress or tuxedo for your wedding or wrap it in your favorite floral print. In addition to keeping you comfortable and being easy to clean, your upholstery and covers offer the option to express yourself. Start your search for custom upholstery today!

Spoke guard designs

Designer spoke guards look great and protect your fingers when you are moving. You can show off photos of your pet or support your favorite sports team and even switch them up for special occasions. Some companies make personalized guards for standard and power chairs.

Bumper stickers

An inexpensive and straightforward way to customize your chair is with some new bumper stickers. They are the easiest way to personalize your chair, whether an inspiring quote, a funny picture, or a witty phrase. Many websites offer customized options so you can design and order bumper stickers that are unique and fit your personality and style.


Adding great accessories to your chair can show your style and offer various fun and practical functions. For example, consider a quilted wheel pouch or matching bag set to carry all your stuff when you are on the go. If you want to be flashy, get some customized LED wheels. If comfort is your bag, try adding some fuzzy footrest covers or comfy chair cushions to add style and comfort to your ride. If you use an oxygen tank, you can keep it classy by buying a tank carrying bag to hide it away stylishly. In addition, if you spend lots of time outside, consider adding a wheelchair umbrella to protect you from weather elements like rain and sun.

These are some excellent ways to customize your chair and add elements of your personality and style. And if you need wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, call us first. Our expertise and experience allow a clear focus on customer service and comfort that is unmatched. We want to take you for a ride!

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