5 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle's Accessibility for Wheelchairs

5 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle's Accessibility for Wheelchairs

5 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle's Accessibility for Wheelchairs

When you have disabled loved ones, you may have to improve or convert your vehicle to one that has better accommodation for riders in wheelchairs and other disabled technology. For a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle, you will likely need to adapt your vehicle with many features to make it safe and accessible for your loved ones. As a wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, we have the expertise you need to get you to and from safely. If you need to adapt your own vehicle, these are the main features you need to improve your vehicle’s accessibility.

Ramps: Side-Entry

Side-entry ramps are very common gadgets for making vehicles handicap friendly. These ramps are generally installed in vans after removing one of the back seats. Your two options, foldout & in-floor, have benefits to each.

For a sleek look, consider in-floor ramps. They do run a little more expensive to have installed because of the use of more materials and manual labor. If you are on a budget, a foldout ramp has many conveniences. Not only is it cheaper, but you don't have to remove any of the floor.

Wheelchair Carrier

While some vehicles are able to house a wheelchair lift, some are too small. Many cars that are unable to install a lift decide to opt out for a wheelchair carrier. They don't require much installation and will stow wheelchairs behind the car. There are carrier styles that are designed to hold the wheelchair on the vehicle's roof. A lot of carriers are as simple as just pushing a button.

Wheelchair Lift

For the vehicles that are able to support one, wheelchair lifts can improve the handicap-accessibility of a vehicle. With the push of a button, your wheelchair will be hauled in the cargo area. It will securely fasten in place. While the installation of a lift is greater than that of a carrier, it is far cheaper to convert your vehicle to being accessible rather than buy a brand new vehicle that is already converted.

Automated Seats

In compatible vehicles, you can also go the extra mile to have turning automated seats. These seats allow a driver or passenger to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle. The seats will extend, turn, rotate, and automatically lower for the passenger. The most common vehicles you will find these seats in are Sedans, Vans, Trucks, and SUVs.

Grab Bar

Assist bars, also known as grab bars, are accessories that allow those who are handicapped to grip onto in order to move themselves. These accessories are handy to have and can be easily moved between different vehicles. They are relatively cheap and are excellent aids for those who've purchased one.

There may be many reasons why you are looking to upgrade a vehicle to be wheelchair accessible, but sometimes it may be easier to rely on our wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL to take you where you need to go.

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