8 Fun Activities for Wheelchair Users

8 Fun Activities for Wheelchair Users

8 Fun Activities for Wheelchair Users

Today, nearly any sport is adaptive for individuals with restricted mobility – from braving the skate park to rock climbing and anything in between. Experts at our wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, present the following recreational exercises that wheelchair users and individuals with restricted mobility can enjoy.


Institutions and academies like Wheelchair Dancers and American Dance Wheels deliver lessons in ballroom, Latin dancing, and more. In addition, you can locate live courses, or, if there's none in your direct vicinity, there are Zoom and Skype classes. It is amazing what the internet can do!

Fishing and boating

Relaxing in the serenity of nature, on a boat or dock,  with a cold drink in hand, lingering to catch your dinner is a great way to spend the day. Pontoon crafts can readily accommodate mobility apparatuses, and adaptive gear is obtainable for a scope of restrictions. Sailing is likewise a splendid sport for wheelchair users to enjoy.

Team sports

Most states and regions maintain organizations that offer group sports for wheelchair users – including rugby, basketball, and more. Group sports are a wonderful method for getting to know people and conditioning, and being part of a unit feels satisfying for anyone. Review sites like the National Wheelchair Basketball Association and the Wheelchair Sports Federation for additional details.


Taking to the lanes to knock down some pins is an entertaining leisure activity. But, if you really enjoy getting serious, the American Wheelchair Bowling Association has over 500 participants across the United States and hosts about ten tournaments yearly across the nation. In addition, bowling supplies for wheelchair users, like ramps and snap handle balls, are obtainable for purchase.


Pool and snooker are two of the considerably unrestricted sports for wheelchair users, as nearly anyone can play, no matter their physical capacity. However, a lower point of view from sitting in a chair can be beneficial in pool since you're practically at sight level with the table. In addition, unique cues and other gear are obtainable to help your play if you need them.


Wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities appreciate a broader range of motion in the water, and it’s an excellent workout. In addition, there are numerous swimming aids – like flotation apparatuses and other accompaniments – known to make it more manageable for people with more restricted movement.

Nature trails

Most municipalities have public parks featuring accessible pathways for wheelchair users. These are fantastic locations to enjoy the outdoors, hold a picnic, accomplish bird watching, or – if you live in an area without excessive manufactured light – stargazing. Parks can likewise be an excellent location for wheelchair users to enjoy outdoor competitions like bocce ball and croquet.

Museums and galleries

Visiting an art gallery or museum is a mentally stimulating experience that can be social or solitary. Most prominent North American municipalities include readily accessible galleries and museums for you to appreciate. In addition, they make for a beautiful way to get out of your home in a chilly, showery, or winter climate.

These are just some of the fun activities available for wheelchair users to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more about our wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL. We are here to get you where you want to go!

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