Comparing Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs for Limited Mobility

Comparing Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs for Limited Mobility

Comparing Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs for Limited Mobility

Ambulation devices for people who have limited mobility are widely available, but choosing the right one for your needs, especially if you are using one for the first time, can be challenging. Several different options are available on the market with varied features that can significantly impact comfort, accessibility, and utility. Transport chairs and wheelchairs are designed to assist with convenience and mobility for disabled and elderly individuals. Considering a user's needs and knowing the difference between these two mobility aids will help users decide which one they need for their specific circumstances. To assist with choosing the best transport or wheelchair, experts from our handicap transport service in Plant City, FL, have created the following guide to help you decide which option is best for you.

Differences between transport chairs and wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are fitted with two small front wheels and two larger rear wheels topped with rotating handrails. The handrails provided on the rear wheels allow users to move themselves forward with this self-propelling device. These chairs are manufactured from heavy-duty reinforced steel for extended use. A wheelchair features a wide range of various accessories, including cushions, cup holders, trays, bags, oxygen attachments, etc.

On the other hand, a transport chair is fitted with four small wheels. The rear wheels are fixed with no swiveling capabilities, and the chair is equipped with a braking system for use while getting in or out. A transport chair does not allow self-propelling and requires another person's assistance for pushing the chair from behind. These chairs are easy to store, lightweight, and are designed to fold to fit easily into small spaces compactly. In addition, these chairs have narrow frames allowing users to pass easily through most aisles and doors.

You will notice differences in the rear wheels of transport chairs and wheelchairs. You cannot reach rear wheels on transport chairs while sitting in the chair, while wheelchairs have large back wheels with rotating handrails, allowing users to move efficiently. On the other hand, transport chairs require a second person's assistance to push the chair from behind. Braking systems are also very different between the two types of chairs.

Wheelchairs have a push-lock wheel braking mechanism that locks the chair in place so users can safely exit or enter the chair.On the other hand, transport chairs have handle brakes located at the chair back. This allows the person pushing the chair to apply the brakes easily and navigate a wide variety of outdoor terrains like steep slopes. Most wheelchairs are suited for long-term seating with backrests, armrests, and comfortable seats, while transport for chairs are meant to be travel friendly. In addition, their compact and lightweight design allows easy folding to fit into small spaces, making them less bulky and less comfortable than standard wheelchairs.

Important considerations

When choosing between a transport chair and a wheelchair, there are many things you need to consider based on your situation. For example, if you require assistance getting in and out of vehicles, you may want to consider a lightweight, flexible, easy-to-lift, and fold transport chair. Environmental considerations are important as well. For example, will you be traveling to places that have narrow hallways and doors? If so, a transport chair is slim enough to navigate such situations easily. On the other hand, for individuals with limited mobility, who cannot walk independently, wheelchairs can reduce the risk of falls.

A wheelchair can allow a person with limited mobility to move around with ease and confidence outdoors or in the home. This type of chair can provide a user with a more active lifestyle and participate in daily activities without any need for assistance.

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