Five Changes You May Need to Make to Your Home for Wheelchair Accessibility

Five Changes You May Need to Make to Your Home for Wheelchair Accessibility

Five Changes You May Need to Make to Your Home for Wheelchair Accessibility

Does your senior loved one need a wheelchair to get around? When loved ones age, they may start to struggle with their mobility, making it difficult to perform household tasks or drive. As a wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL, we offer services to aide individuals in getting where they need to go – no matter their abilities. At home, however, you may need to make some changes to make life simpler for your loved ones. These are a few changes you may need to make for wheelchair accessibility in your home.

Install Tub Rails

Slippery surfaces can pose risks as you age and your coordination becomes more compromised. If you do not take the proper safety measures, you may encounter trip and fall accidents that result in broken bones or muscle sprains. By installing a shower chair or tub and shower rails, you give them something to stabilize them and hold onto to prevent any accidents while they bathe.

Build Ramps

Exterior stairs can become a challenge for seniors that need walkers or wheelchairs. They can also pose hazards for those who have limited mobility or a lack of balance. To prepare their home for them, you may need to build ramps over the stairs, which allow access for wheelchairs or easier walking access. You may also need indoor threshold ramps if there are a few stairs to travel from room-to-room in your home. These ramps prevent any accidents and also allow easy access throughout the home.

Modify the Kitchen

You may find that appliances are no longer suitable or safe for your senior loved ones. Those living in wheelchairs may no longer be able to reach the top of the counter or wash their hands in the sinks. You may need to remove dangerous appliances, lower countertop heights, and lower sinks to areas that are safe and easy to access for your loved ones. Move highly used appliances, like microwaves, close to the front of the counter to make these easily accessible.

Improve Flooring

Flooring is also important to preventing trip and fall accidents and promoting the mobility of wheelchairs and walkers in your home. If you have shaggy carpet, it may need to be replaced with laminate or vinyl flooring to have a smoother surface. If you need to keep carpet, consider carpets with less nap to prevent snagging or difficulty moving.

Widen Doorways

If your loved one relies on a walker or wheelchair to get around, you may need to widen doorways to allow enough clearance for their assistive technology. Widening doorways can be both cheap or expensive depending on the level of cushioning and placement of electrical near the doorway. To prepare a budget for this job, you will want to talk with a professional contractor.

When you live with a senior that has trouble getting around, you may find yourself in need of reliable wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL. Our experienced drivers have the training and professionalism to transport your loved ones to where they need to go. Contact us to hear more about our transportation services and schedule your trip with us today!

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