Five Safety Tips for Transporting People Who Use Wheelchairs

Five Safety Tips for Transporting People Who Use Wheelchairs

Five Safety Tips for Transporting People Who Use Wheelchairs

An individual might need a wheelchair if their activities are limited due to certain elements, such as a genetic health problem or disability, an illness or injury brought about by a vehicular accident, or other harmful incidents. Still, being in a wheelchair should never restrict a person from doing what they enjoy. By supporting themselves and also with the assistance of others, they can always be mobile. But transporting disabled or injured people in wheelchairs can be very dangerous. Therefore, you must heed every safety precaution.

Finding the Right Wheelchair

Safety strongly depends on the wheelchair that an individual is operating. Any issues or flaws concerning the apparatus can seriously influence not only the health of the person who is using it but also his life. Hence, this mechanical Chair needs the following characteristics: it must deliver adequate support, properly secure the individual using it, and work flawlessly so that the person on it can move it around effortlessly.

What other elements should one look for in a wheelchair? If an individual is preparing to purchase one, here are some elements that he must carefully analyze: arms, seat, backrest, and footrest. The fit must also be comfy, and the chair must be capable of bearing the weight of the user.

Securing the Individual in the Chair

Some automobiles and school buses are constructed to fit a wheelchair or two easily. Before an individual in a wheelchair is positioned inside a vehicle, he must first be adequately secured in his chair. This will control the individual from sliding out of it. The pelvic belt needs to also be inside the chair and not shrouded around the mechanism's frame. Aside from adequately positioning the belt, it's also essential to make sure that this is powerful enough to hold an individual in case of a strong impact, just in case.

Securing the Individual in the Vehicle

When securing an indiivdual in a wheelchair inside an automobile, it is necessary to operate the seatbelt correctly. The seatbelt needs to go around the shoulder and the lower pelvis rather than just being enveloped around the abdominal area. The latter can force a person to tip over or to get significantly injured in case of a car accident. It is a must to adequately protect someone in a wheelchair because any street traffic incident, however insignificant it might be, could induce grave head or neck wounds or make his present condition worse.

Use Postural Supports If Needed

Some individuals might require postural support when traveling in their wheelchairs. These instruments help in enhancing comfort while in transit. However, these should not be the only items that protect a person from harm in case of a car wreck. If needed, you should also promote the help of head support or neck collars.

Have a Driver with Proper Training

Anyone who regularly transports people in wheelchairs, particularly school bus operators who often ferry students in such chairs, must have appropriate training. This way, they'll understand how to correctly secure the individual to the wheelchair and the chair to the automobile. It is also essential to drive more slowly to avert getting into a car wreck.

Follow these tips when transporting an individual in a wheelchair. Also, contact us today if you need wheelchair transportation service in Plant City, FL. We are here to help.

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