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Empire Caring Transit Corp is an equal opportunity employer and consider all applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, marital or veteran status, or any disability as provided in the Americans with Disabilities Act.**


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Employment Desired:

Work History:

List names of employers in consecutive order with present or last employer first. Account for all periods of time, military service, and any periods of unemployment. If self-employed, give firm name and supply business reference.






Undergraduate College:

Graduate Professional:


Capability & Reliability:

Note: A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from employment.

Supplemental Employment Skills:

Professional Information:


Please provide us (3) references that have no relation to you


I certify that all answers to the foregoing questions are true and correct without any consequential omissions of any kind whatsoever. I understand that if I am employed, any false, misleading, or otherwise incorrect statements made on this application form, or during any interview may ne grounds for immediate discharge.

I hereby authorize Empire Caring Transit Corp to contact any organizations or individual it deems appropriate to investigate on my employment history, character and qualifications. I give my full and complete consent to their revealing any and all information they wish as a result of this investigation. In addition, I hereby give my right to bring any cause of action against these individuals for defamation, invasion of privacy, or any other reason because of their statements.

I agree that if i am employed, I will abide by all the rules and regulations of Empire Caring Transit Corp. I understand tat drug an alcohol testing when given pursuant to Empire Caring Tran sit Corp policy, are a condition of continued employment and that refusal to take such test when asked will be grounds for: (1) refusal to hire; ) immediate termination; or, (3) immediate suspension or a period of time as determined by the Program Director, during which such suspension the employee will be required to undergo appropriate treatment.

I further understand that my employment is “at will” and may be terminated by Empire Caring Transit Corp, at any time for reason, at will, and with or without prior notice.

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