Handicap Transportation

Who needs handicap transportation?

This service is provided for those that have one or more disabilities that prevent them from being able to safely drive a vehicle. We can assist your family, friends, relatives, or neighbors who require specific accommodations during their travel. If you or a loved one has a handicap that inhibits the ability to move a part of your body, you may want to consider handicap transportation to get to your destination safely.

At Empire Caring Transit, we make sure that handicap individuals are able to get to the places they need to go. We provide a quality handicap transportation service in Plant City, FL that allows these individuals to get to their destination safely.

What accommodations and features do we include?

Our fleet of vehicles offers something to meet everyone's needs. We have specialty stretcher transport, mini-ambulance vans, full-size vans with wheelchair equipment, and much more. Our vehicles are designed to accommodate a wide range of passengers along with any accompanying riders.

Our drivers and crew members are highly trained in both caretaking and the safe operation of the equipment we offer. This ranges from wheelchair lifts to transportation safety features. We provide a friendly and sensitive service that is unmatched and also adheres to HIPAA regulations for patient privacy.

At Empire Caring Transit, we run our handicap transportation services in Plant City, FL 24-hours a day throughout the entire calendar year.

Where can we take you?

We drive our passengers anywhere they need to go. Some of our most popular destinations include:

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